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Ultimate Buying Guide-2016

Tankless water heater known also on-demand, instantaneous water heater.  The use of tankless water heater is increasing day by day for its benefits that’s saves energy, money and space. If you intent to buy this you have to consider some aspects such as  source of power, either it will be  electric or natural gas or propane.

We know that finding right hot water heater can be difficult. That’s because there are many types of tankless water heater available in market including tankless gas water heater, tankless electric water heater, propane tankless water heater. Which types of  heater you buy will depend on your requirements. Here I promise you that I will help you to select best one in the market.

Some questions are definitely boggling around your mind about this product right now like-“how does this thing operate?” or “What will be the perfect size for my home?” and most importantly, you might be wondering about the tankless water heater prices.

Well, let’s start with giving solutions to your queries. Tankless water heaters were originated in Europe and they made their way back here in the United States in the last decade. The device has endured a few minor mishaps at the beginning of its journey, but thankfully, it has overcome all the technical issues and now it has erupted as an excellent electrical device. I promise, when you start using these instant hot water heaters, you would never get back to the conventional ones.

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Benefits of Using a Tankless Hot Water heater

Things become much clearer to you if you have the knowledge of the facilities you are going to get from your machine. So, here are a few benefits for you to have a look-

  • Compact & durable: Smaller units can be installed under cabinets or in a closet, closer to the point of use.  They last 5-10 years longer  than tanked heaters.
  • Cost effective energy efficient: They are more efficient with no standby heat loss. Most tankless units come with a federal tax rebate of  $300.  You can save  up to 20% from your water heating bill.
  • Advanced features: Most units are operated by remote control and have up to four separate settings available.
  • Safe to use: There is no possibility of flooding due to a ruptured tank.
  • Unlimited hot water: The best benefit of tankless water heater is providing unlimited hot water. They never out of hot water.
  • Environment friendly

Several Types of Tankless Water Heaters

They are categorized in Natural gas, propane & electricity powered tankless instant heaters. A tankless gas water heater generally heats up the water when it flows through the inside burner pipe. The exhaust gas here is taken out through the ventilator like the conventional heaters.  Water is heated up with the electrical system instead of the gas burner in case of the tankless electric water heaters.

How to Choose the Right Size for You

You can install them either in your office or in your home. They come in the size of a medicine cabinet meaning you can put them in closets or under the shrink. How much hot water the unit can provide depends totally on its size. Smaller sized heaters are great for office or business purposes & the larger units can cover up a large family with a big household.

Top Featured Products

Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater Reviews


This is the best-selling tankless water heater on the current market. It is perfectly applicable for cabins, campsites and for home uses. You can wash your boat, wash the pets and take a hot shower
with this liquid propane powered unit. It can also be used as a pressure washer for better cleaning performances. The ideal operating range of this Eccotemp device is 20~80 PSI and you can operate it with 2 “D” cell battery ignition where the electricity is not available. You have the options to put it into the modified water systems with items like a 12-volt pump. This tankless unit has the flow rate of 0.3 liters per minute and it offers a 30-35 degree rise at 1.4 GPM.

Ecosmart ECO 27 Electric Tankless Water Heaterecosmart eco 27 tankless electric water heater

ECO 27 is the perfect choice for them those whorequire all time availability of the high amount of water to their homes. This is the largest electricity operated unit with a patented self-modulating technology. It is mostly preferable in the northern region of the United States where the temperature of the incoming water can get down to the level as low as 37 degree Fahrenheit. The ECO 27 can handle the continuous running of 2 showers at a time maintaining nearly 3 GPM at low temperatures. This GPM level can be extended up to 6 which will ensure the simultaneous running of a sink and 4 showers without going out of the stock. You can use it where high demands of hot water applications are required like the Jacuzzi tubs. The temperature control would allow you to set the temperature according to your own wish. 

Rheem RTE 13 Tankless Water Heater ReviewsRheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater

The Rheem RTE 13 water heater is ideal for point-of-use applications as it can supply continuous
hot water on demand. The energy efficient and compact design of this model can be installed anywhere you want. On-unit temperature control system along with the LED’s to indicate the standby modes as well as active elements are there to catch your attention. Standard 1/2″ water connection, modulating power and the rugged copper/brass heat exchangerare among the other special features of this unit. It can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, offices, home-apartments, hospitals and laboratories. It has the maximum flow rate of 4 GPM.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 Plus Tankless Water HeaterStiebel EltronTempra 24

This is the most technically advanced water heater with features like heavy-duty electronics, hinged cover, low sensor design, advanced flow control and many more. The unit will provide you a taste of next generation German quality without any inconvenience. This tankless electric water heater is energy efficient & it will keep your electric bill to a minimum level. It occupies less space compared to a tank water heater and the temperature can be adjusted easily with the use of fingertips. Also,they are less expensive than a gas-type tankless water heater. You won’t be needing to vent the Tempra to the outside as the installation is much cheaper and easier. It has the working pressure of 150 PSI. Visit the fool proof tankless water heater reviews to learn more…

Reliance 6 6 SOMS K 6 Tankless Water Heater ReviewsReliance 6 6 SOMS K 6

The Reliance tankless water heater is a smart choice for those who are unable to provide sufficient space for their water-heating unit. It is a perfect match for crawlspace or under-counter
installation. The inlet and outlet connections on both of the sides made the procedure easier to install it in a tight space. This water heater comes with a 6-gallon tank size & uses 120 volts. 1650 Input watt per hour is the operating limit of this water heater and you can find a copper-sheathed heating element inside this unit. It comes with a 6-year parts & a 1-year labor warranty. Also, the factory installed T&P relief valve along with corrosion protective glass-lined anode rod tank made it a top listed tankless water heater.


Bosch GL4S Ariston Mini-Tank Water HeaterBosch GL4S Ariston

You won’t have to face any set-up problems with this mini-tank water heater as it has the point-of-use installation facility. If you are putting it under the sink, then you have to install it directly by tapping into the cold water line. The Bosch Ariston GL4S can be plugged into a 120-volt outlet and it draws only 12.5 amps. It comes with a pressure relief valve with a rate of 4 gallons per minute. The model is a replacement for the Ariston GL4, but it is deeper than the previous version. The improved thermostat feature with a new sensing probe will allow you to maintain a more consistent heat and adjust temperatures much quicker than ever before.

Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Ecosmart ECO 18This Smart electric tankless water heater has been built as a “whole home” modelfor particular
environments where the water temperature is 62°F and more. The unit is truly capable of heating the water over 2.5 gallons per minute with a 1.5 GPM flow. Two showers when emitting at a 1.5 gallons per minute rate or below can run simultaneously when you put the water temperature to 70° F. I have forgot to mention that this model is perfect for town-home or large apartments. In addition to its features it can be cost effective too as it saves 50% of your electric bills with its low range operations. The eye-catching design along with a space saving compact size has promoted it to the most advanced and self-modulating tankless water heater of the current market.


Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Instant Hot Water HeaterTakagi T-KJr2-IN-NG

This tankless water heater directly or indirectly supplies hot water to domestic hot water systems, which can be used with recirculation systems, radiant floor systems, storage tanks, hydronic
heating systems, and domestic & heating applications. This Takagi product has the flow rate of 6.6 GPM (at 35°F rise) & 3.3 GPM (at 70°F rise) and the energy factor is 0.82 for natural gases. The safety features include surge protection, overheat and troubleshooting diagnostic codes& the standard features will add up both a power cord and a remote control. The warranty is 15 years for the limited heat exchanger & 5 years for the residential use limited parts. To know more about the detailed features like complying with Ultra-Low NOx regulations and many more, browse through the tankless water heater reviews on this page.

Rinnai RL94iN Tankless Hot Water Heater

Rinnai RL94iNThis Energy Star qualified product with the energy factor of 0.82 has the built-in Logic TM recirculation program. To maximize efficiency and comfort, this program cycles and external pump at pre-set temperatures and intervals. The enhanced scale detection system demerits the chances of long term damage and the temperature lock function stops the unauthorized changes to the temperature in water. Also, it has the mobile home installation certificate. The R94LSi will let you enjoy seamless hot water for five plumbing outlets simultaneously. The R94LSi can still save 40% of energy and significant space with the capacity of 9.4 Gallons per Minute. The interior mount unit of this device is connected with a concentric venting system for outside ventilation. According to the tankless water heater reviews, this unit has the 83% thermal capacity and it comes with an MC-91-1 US Digital Controller which are remarkable features for an instant hot water heater to have.

Rheem RTE 9 Electric Tankless Water HeaterRheem RTE 9

Without saying any non-technical terms, let’s go straight to the features and specifications of this product. Other than point-of-use applications and continuous hot water facility, it has features like efficient compact design, on-unit temperature control, indicator LEDs, standard standby mode, modulating power and brass/copper heat exchanger, which will definitely blow your mind out. There is more to learn in the detailed review section. Don’t forget to check that out.


Watts 500800 Tankless Water Heater Reviews
Watts 500800

You won’t need to wait for hot water anymore if you use this tankless water heater. Wasted waters will be eliminated and you’ll get hot water at every shower and faucet with the help of a hot water recirculating pump. This system requires no other additional piping & it is pretty much easy to install. Quiet and maintenance free operation of this machine has been made possible by the unique design of the pump. The built-in 24-hour programmable timer has the technology to activate the timer whenever you need it to be activated. Detailed tankless water heater reviews will have the full specification information.

Eccotemp L10 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water HeaterEccotemp L10

Particularly designed for permanent outdoor installations, the L10 is probably the hottest tankless water heater you would get in the stores. Stainless steel rain cap, garden hose adapter, CSA
regulator, 20 lbs grill propane tank and the automatic safety shutoff timer are among the useful features you would look into this water heater unit. Either you are staying in a lake home or in a cottage, you can always enjoy the facilities of this water heater whenever you want. The manufacturer provides a dedicated 24/7 customer service option for you which is a rarity for water heater brands these days. The tankless water heater reviews might solve other queries for you by giving resourceful information related to this matter.

Things to consider before making Your Purchase

You need to consider 3 main factors while choosing an on-demand tankless heater unit.Tankless water heater reviews will display more factors for you. For now let’s take a look at those three-

  1. Sorting out the cold water temperature

  2. Deciding the maximum GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

  3. Selecting between the three types; gas, propane or electric

The Bottom Line

You have taken the right decision to switch to a tankless water heater. It would definitely save the environment as well as your money compared to the traditional water heaters.Every month, you will enjoy the benefit of a lower utility bill because of the high-energy efficiency of these devices. The impeccable features of the tankless water heaters have made it popular in domestic as well as in the commercial arena. In brief, any disadvantages of these units would seem mild in front of their brilliant features.

We would consider ourselves lucky if our tankless water heater reviews by any means come in your any good use. Thank you very much for staying with us till the very end. Cheers!


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